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Magic Auto is home to a team of the most qualified automobile technicians in the Valley. A big part of what makes Magic Auto so special is its practice of keeping customers informed about what goes on with their cars. In this article, Magic Auto does just that by providing insight on how to flush a radiator. Phoenix, AZ residents are in luck because Magic Auto is located in their home city and can handle this critical maintenance step for them. Regardless of where a driver is from, however, this article will prove insightful.

The first question that every driver needs answered is how often a radiator requires flushing. After all, unless a driver knows when to take his car in for a radiator flush, he or she is essentially left in the dark. Generally speaking, cars require a radiator flush every two years or so. However, this may fluctuate depending on the type of car and how often the car is driven. As such, the best piece of advice is to have a trusted technician handle all of the car’s maintenance so that he can provide fair warning of when a radiator flush is due. Drivers can count on the technicians at Magic Auto to stay on top of regular maintenance steps, and warn drivers when maintenance is required.

Many drivers want to know if they can flush a radiator themselves from their home garage. While it is always possible to perform vehicle maintenance from home, it is advisable that this type of work is left to the professionals. The technicians at Magic Auto are equipped with all of the right tools and diagnostic computers that are required to perform this task optimally. Moreover, with all of the technology involved in modern cars, a technician is almost always best suited to understand the inner workings of a vehicle.

There are many reasons why drivers should allow an experienced technician to handle a radiator flush. Radiator problems can get expensive, and unless somebody with expertise handles the procedure, additional expenses could arise. For instance, unless a car has entirely cooled, cleaning and flushing the radiator could actually crack the radiator itself. Drivers sometimes jump the gun when trying to perform this task at home and end up causing irreparable damage to their radiator. By leaving this task in the hands of an Magic Auto technician, drivers can rest assured that their car is in good care.

There is another good reason that drivers should allow professionals to handle their car’s radiator flush. Radiator fluid – or coolant – must be drained carefully and disposed of properly. Backyard mechanics oftentimes run into problems while draining their radiator and then have nowhere to properly dispose of the old coolant. Magic Auto has all of the requisite tools to drain the coolant, and also has environmentally safe methods of disposing of the coolant once it is drained from the car.

All in all, drivers are just better off leaving this task to an experienced technician at Magic Auto. Drivers can be certain that Magic Auto will handle their car with care and have the service completed in a timely fashion. If now is the time to flush radiator, Phoenix AZ residents should take their car into Magic Auto for the utmost in service and efficiency.

Severe corrosion can occur when additives that protect the cooling system have been depleted.
Rust, scale and sludge can plug cooling system fins, preventing proper circulation of coolant

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